Hootenanny delivers in latest digital campaign for Ruby Tuesday

In their most recent collaboration, Hootenanny editor Sean Halvorsen and MARC USA have launched the latest component in a fully-integrated ad campaign for Ruby Tuesday. Following the initial seven-week TV buy across broadcast and cable channels that Halvorsen edited earlier last year, this latest round of work will broaden the brand’s reach, running specifically on digital and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


The huge scope of work consists of 360-degree photos, GIFs, carousel ads, canvas ads, cinemagraphs, Boomerang videos, and static posts. Working with the agency in pre-production, on set and through post, Halvorsen guided the process both creatively and technically. His understanding of the tools and features in each social media platform allowed the agency to create work that fully utilized the spectrum of the medium.

Halvorsen has worked on the Ruby Tuesday brand with MARC USA since the agency was officially announced its AOR in the beginning of 2017. But it’s the scope and amount of different social media formats and content in this latest round of digital work that has allowed Halvorsen to really broaden his digital expertise and master his editing technique in the social media realm. “It’s been really awesome to see our partnership grow, knowing how much trust the agency places in us on both the creative and technical level,” Halvorsen states.



Executive Producer Snake Roth produced for MARC USA Chicago, alongside Creative Directors Joe Burke and Matthew Sullivan. “I always have such a blast working with the MARC team,” says Halvorsen. “Not only are they a super talented and fun group, but they also treat me and the rest of the team at Hootenanny as creative partners, which means a lot and really helps us deliver the best results.”

Elliot Rudmann of Nolo Digital Film helmed the color correction for the campaign, and Mark Ruff of CRC handled sound design and mix. Finishing and Rotoscope was also done at Hootenanny by Jim Annerino and Eddie Loera.